MyEclipse 2018.1

Create complex dynamic frontend and backend applications
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MyEclipse is an IDE software utility that it's addressed to developers and which comes equipped with different tools to help them accomplish their daily tasks.
The software offers many features like built-in libraries and editors and offers support for Spring, Maven, important application servers and databases.

It comes wrapped in a modern and enjoyable interface, that offers advanced customization options, all along with three attractively skin themes. As a first time user, you may find the interface a bit confusing, mostly because it has an abundance of various features to set up, but also because they seem congested on the main screen.

The strength of this software resides in its features. As I mentioned it in the beginning, it includes a vast amount of tools needed by a database developer, such as Spring, JPA, Hibernate and POJOs. They all come along with reverse-engineering, visual ER models and persistence support. Not to mention, it has connectors of databases and an embedded Derby database.

Moving on, users are able to test their applications on numerous application servers like Glassfish, WebLogic, Tomcat or WebSphere, thanks to multiple built-in server connectors.

To developers who create web applications, MyEclipse offers the possibility to combine Angular and TypeScript to create impressive dynamic web pages. This is possible because of the great support that JSjet it provides, either for debugging or validation.

In conclusion, MyEclipse is a powerful Java-based IDE, that has various and well-implemented tools, though you might take into consideration that server configuration is tedious and the program requires a high-end system to work at right parameters.

John Saunders
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  • Has built-in server connectors
  • Offers three skin themes
  • Has an embedded Derby database
  • Supports Angular and TypeScript


  • Requires a high-end system
  • Server configuration is tedious
  • The main screen seems congested
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